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with the cancellation of the barre heritage festival for the second year in a row due to covid-19, we still wanted to celebrate and put on a festival, However, waiting until the fall seemed like a better idea.  this "fall" Family-Friendly Festival is not being designed to be just like the barre heritage festival.  in fact, we are trying to make it as little as the barre heritage festival as possible.

what you can expect:

fireworks: yes there will be fireworks, however the firework show will be on Friday,  october 1st,  of the Barre fall festival.

vendors: yes we will have vendors during the day on saturday, october 2nd.

lots of entertainment and events to choose from!

what you won't see:

food truck vendors:  why you ask?  our restaurants and bars have struggled the last 15+ months.  we want to have people dining and enjoying their favorite local eatery and watering holes.

parade:  our heritage festival parade is one of a kind.  we didn't want to duplicate it or put on something smaller. our barre heritage parade will be back in 2022.

musical performances in city hall park:  this is one of our biggest expenses when putting on the barre heritage festival.  with covid-19 affecting so many of our local businesses, we had to cut out some of our bigger expenses so we could ease up on fundraising from businesses that were affected by covid-19. 

How to become a part  of the barre fall Festival

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