Main Street Four Point Approach

Developed by the National Main Street Center, the Main Street Four-Point Approach® is a proven preservation-based economic development tool to revitalize and sustain commercial centers. The Barre Partnership maintains volunteer committees with interest and expertise in the four points listed below to encourage a comprehensive approach to creating and sustaining a vibrant and healthy downtown. The Partnership is also one of 24 Designated Downtowns in Vermont using this national model to capitalize on State incentives and training. 

With the aid of a strong group of volunteers, organization builds consensus and lasting private and public partnerships with a broad group of stakeholders working toward the same goals. Communication and collaboration are key to success in building a shared vision, developing a comprehensive strategic plan, and carrying out the Partnership's mission by raising money, recruiting and managing volunteers, and promoting Barre's downtown.

The goal of promotion is to create a positive image of Barre's downtown, both to visitors and residents. Capitalizing on our city's unique characteristics, its cultural traditions, architecture, history and activities the Partnership works to create a welcoming and vibrant commercial district for shoppers, investors, potential business and property owners, and visitors. This includes everything from retail promotions and events to celebrating our story and our successes through all forms of media.

Capitalizing on existing assets, design focuses on the physical resources of a downtown district. Everything from window displays, parking areas, building improvements, and public art, to street furniture, signage, sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping contributes to the atmosphere of Barre, and working to maintain and improve these physical surroundings is the goal of the design committee.

Working to strengthen the city’s existing economic assets by helping existing businesses succeed, while recruiting new ones is the aim of economic restructuring. The Partnership works with the Barre Area Development Corporation to collect data about businesses and markets, develop business retention, expansion and recruitment strategies, and create incentives for business/property development all with the goal of creating an economically diverse and sustainable business district.